Jose Bonilla

Photo Assembly and

Geometric abstraction

Jose Bonilla con ensamblaje fotografico del Salto Kawi

Recent Works

Kind Words

“Indisputably, Venezuela is a country of professionals with inexhaustible talent and performance. Such is the case of José Enrique Bonilla Montilla, plastic artist, photographer and audiovisual creative, who this time presents his work “Ávila sobre concrete.”
De Noche en Caracas - Magazine
“José Bonilla literally breaks all molds through three-dimensional photographic works. It is a work of self-discovery that he carried out during his mountaineering expeditions to Roraima in 2014."
El Nacional
“I love Bonilla's work in my house, it was what I was looking for for the space I had selected. I look forward to new creations to collect.”
Collector P.L.